Wedding Celebrant Hobart Tasmania


It is no doubt an exciting time for you, as you begin to plan for your wedding and the marriage ceremony in Tasmania that will mark the start of your new life together. Maybe you are thinking, where do we start? Let me help!

mycommitment2First of all, choosing the right celebrant for you both is very important. You will need to feel comfortable with the person who is sharing a very personal and intimate occasion in your life – I understand this and offer to meet with you or talk with you soon – there will be no fee nor obligation attached for us to do this but it will help you to make a decision.

mary-and-timYour marriage ceremony is yours to create and shape as you want it to be and I will be honored to support, encourage, inform and inspire you to do just that. I am interested in your story, and as your celebrant I will help you craft your thoughts and feelings into a ceremony that is true to you and your relationship and that is remembered and treasured.

If you would like to proceed please contact me and I will discuss with you my availability and the next steps for you to take, in particular the legal requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you and arranging a convenient time and place to meet.

Kind regards,
Jill Harper
Wedding Celebrant Hobart Tasmania

Check my availability

Check my availability to officiate at your ceremony on and at the date and time you have chosen.

Make a time to meet me – if this is practical

This is an informal meeting at maybe, my house, your house or your favourite café. There is no obligation attached to this meeting – I just want you to meet me so that you can make an informed decision about the celebrant whom you wish to work with you and have officiating at your marriage ceremony. At this meeting we can talk generally about the next steps for you to take, what the legal requirements are at this stage but mostly we can share our stories and get to know each other a little. It is your choice now as to whether you would like to contact me later or proceed with a booking.

You would like to proceed

We will discuss the important information relating to the legal requirements that need to be addressed before you can be married. Read more…

The “Happily Ever After … before and after” pamphlet

Celebrants are also required to give couples this pamphlet. It tells you something of what it means to be married, the laws that you need to know about when you marry and where to go for marriage education, counselling or family mediation.

The need for two witnesses

The official witnesses to your marriage can be anyone you choose as long as they are of legal age – that is, over eighteen years of age. Once the legal aspects are explained, we can begin discussing ‘your special ceremony’. I will provide you with a small ‘package’ of information, ideas and suggestions for you – we will go through this information in detail together.

Wedding Day

As your celebrant, I will work with you to prepare a ceremony that you will remember and treasure.

“Ceremonies for you to remember and treasure” – Jill Harper.

Please contact me for more information.